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Get Andy and Steph on your radio station

Available for voicing your station and radio imaging.  Either as solo artists or as a team.  With years of experience creating Radio Imaging, why not get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Andy G

Steph Langford

Andy and Steph

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Andy G has been involved in radio since 2004 when he was first heard on Hot FM in Corfu, Greece.  Since then he has lent his voice to stations across the UK, Europe and Worldwide both live and voice tracked.  His friendly British accent is easily understood and his quick witted replies and fast thinking makes him a great presenter to avoid dead air and radio silence.

Steph Langford is relatively new to the radio game and was previously in the TV industry, moving across to radio in 2020.  She has been part of live radio and voice tracked shows since then with her bright exciting voice being heard worldwide from breakfast radio to drive time shows.

Yes, Andy and Steph are a real life couple working from their own studio in the North East of England.  Together they write, produce and broadcast around the globe on several stations but always have space to voice track new projects.  They love working together and bounce of each other, creating compelling shows which are loved by listeners across the planet.

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